Cumulus and EMF agree to an FM/FM translator swap


Noncommercial religious group Educational Media Foundation gets the better stick, picking up a Class A FM in the Fayetteville NC area, but Cumulus Broadcasting will pick up some cash (in due course) to go along with the Shreveport LA-area FM translator it’s getting in trade from EMF.

The full-power station going to EMF in the two-way deal is WFVL-FM Lumberton NC. Although the primary contour of its Class A signal covers the area to the south of Fayetteville NC proper, but it does manage to get a lower grade signal over Fayetteville. It has 6 kW @ 269’ going out on 102.3 MHz.

The translator going to Cumulus is K264AS Mooringsport LA. It sits to the west of Shreveport, getting its primary contour over parts and managing a lesser presence in parts to the east. It is licensed for 140 W @ 409’ on 100.7 MHz, and holds a CP to increase its power to 250 W and its HAAT to 489’.

It is not a straight-up swap. In exchange for getting the better of the two signals, EMF will pay $100K to Cumulus, in 20 $5K installments.