Cumulus Battles TRN Suit


TRN - Talk Radio NetworkCumulus Media is trying to get an antitrust lawsuit filed against the company by Talk Radio Network dismissed. The broadcaster is also trying to get the suit, filed by Talk Radio Network in April, moved from U.S. District Court in Oregon to California.

The suit filed in April by Talk Radio Network alleges that the Cumulus 2013 acquisition of Westwood One, which places 90% of national radio ad time, created an unfair advantage, reports the Mail Tribune. TRN alleges that Westwood One’s preferred national ad placement on programs Cumulus carries deprives other companies of revenue.

The suit alleges 12 anti-trust actions by Cumulus, Westwood and individuals tied to the companies. In addition to Cumulus and Westwood One, Compass Media and former Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey and Westwood COO Charles Steinhauer are named as defendants.

The Mark Masters-run TRN allegations include monopolization of the advertising representative market, conspiracy to monopolize by interfering with contract negotiations with hosts and breach of contract, according to the account.

TRN is seeking a jury trial to determine damages.