Cumulus city of license change approved in CA


The FCC’s Audio Division has approved two contingent applications from Cumulus for its AC KRRF-FM 106.3 (Class A), Goleta, CA and Class B KRUZ-FM 97.5, Santa Barbara, CA.  In the first app (“Oak View”), Cumulus wants to change the city of license of for Classic Rock KRRF from Goleta to Oak View, CA. In the second application (“Goleta”), Cumulus requests to change the community of license of KRUZ from Santa Barbara to Goleta, CA. 

No oppositions or informal objections were filed. They’re both in the Santa Barbara market, but Oak View is in a more populated area as you head from Santa Barbara toward LA. It looks like the move is nothing more than trying to maximize the coverage of KRRF.

The Oak View app also requests a change of transmitter site, and the modification of Cumulus’s license to reflect these changes.  To prevent the removal of Goleta’s sole, local service, the Goleta app proposes the change of community of license for KRUZ from 97.5 at Santa Barbara to 97.5 at Goleta, without a transmitter site change, as a “back-fill” station.

Cumulus noted in its application the reallotments of KRRF and KRUZ satisfy the requirements for changing a station’s community of license because: the proposed use of 106.3 at Oak View is mutually exclusive with the current use of Channel 106.3 at Goleta, and the proposed use of 97.5 at Goleta is mutually exclusive with the current use of Channel 97.5 at Santa Barbara; Goleta will not be deprived of its only local service because KRUZ is concurrently changing its community of license to Goleta.

The approval is subject to Mexican concurrence, because the proposed transmitter site is located within 320 kilometers of the US-Mexico border.