Cumulus details Citadel merger spin-off stations


The merger of Citadel into Cumulus is remarkably clean when it comes to same-market growth over and above local radio ownership caps. But there is some overlap, plus there are some grandfathered clusters that will have to shed a station or two. Now we know which stations are being cut loose.

The stations are going to go under the care and feeding of Scott Knoblauch, who is already providing similar services for a trio of stations, one in Michigan and two in Wisconsin. To handle the current crop, Knoblauch has formed license company Volt Radio LLC, as Trustee.

All told, he’ll be getting 14 stations. And without further ado, here they are:

New York

* WELJ-FM Montauk (the application lists this as a New York City station, but we beg to differ – it isn’t even a Nassau-Suffolk station, much less a member of the Gotham radio market. It serves the extreme eastern tip of Long Island.)

Dallas-Fort Worth TX

* KKLF-AM Richardson TX

Kansas City MO

* KMJK-FM North Kansas City MO

Nashville TN

* WRQQ-FM Belle Meade TN

* WNFN-FM Millersville TN


* WCAT-FM Carlisle PA

* WWKL-FM Palmyra PA

Montgomery AL

* WNZZ-AM Montgomery AL

Fayetteville AR

* KYNF-FM Prairie Grove AR

Macon GA

* WROK-FM Macon GA

Savannah GA

* WTYB-FM Tybee Island GA

Columbus-Starkville MS

* WKOR-AM Starkville MS

Myrtle Beach SC

* WJXY-FM Conway SC

* WXJY-FM Georgetown SC