Cumulus helps Ryan play pick up stick in Louisville


The station – WQKC-AM Jeffersonville IN – is licensed to Susquehanna Radio Corporation, but it actually belongs to a group other then the now-defunct Susquehanna, and it is situated along the Ohio rather than the Susquehanna River. But all that moniker misdirection is about to change.

It’s also located in Indiana but part of a media market associated with Kentucky.

The station ultimately belongs to Cumulus Media, but not only is it headed to Edward Ryan Jr.’s Ryan Media LLC, Ryan is already operating it under terms on an LMA that began 9/16/11. According to reports, the station was silent at the time the contract for its sale was signed but is now back on the air with a sports format.

Ryan will pay $265K for the station – with $26.5K plunked into escrow and the rest coming in cash at closing.
It is a Class C with decent coverage of the market, putting out 1 kW day and night on a non-directional antenna.