Cumulus launches “NASH FM 92.3” in Bay Area


KSJO-FMCumulus announces the acquisition of KSJO and immediate expansion of the NASH Country music and lifestyle brand with NASH FM 92.3 launching 5/26 as the only Country station in the Bay Area. KSJO is known as NASH FM 92.3 – with the station’s logo, website and on-air promotions using “NASH FM” and “Powered by NASH” language.

NASH FM 92.3 is airing 10,000 songs in a row continuously for about 30 days. NASH FM 92.3 will then begin featuring exclusive NASH programming content including “America’s Morning Show” with Blair Garner, Terri Clark and Chuck Wicks, “NASH Nights Live” with Shawn Parr and Elaina Smith and “Kickin’ It with Kix” with Kix Brooks and Suzanne Alexander. Programming originates from the Nashville NASH campus, the nation’s only multimedia facility devoted solely to producing and distributing content based on the Country music lifestyle, including radio programming, TV/videos, magazines and events.

“San Francisco is an important market for Cumulus as we continue expanding the NASH brand nationally to meet the increasing demand for Country music programming,” said John Dickey, EVP and Co-COO of Cumulus. “We look forward to providing Bay Area listeners and advertisers with fresh NASH content and unique advertising opportunities in this top five market.”

In 2010 Principle Broadcasting Network San Jose, LLC, made an agreement with Clear Channel’s Aloha Station Trust to buy Alternative KSJO. On 4/30, KSJO, then offering brokered ethnic programming as U-92.3, was sold to Cumulus with notifications that a new format would be launching a month later.


  1. I, along with a lot of other listeners from the Bay Area are glad to hear there is a country station back. The problem is I live in Pacifica and the reception for 92.3 really sucks! I know there are alot of people from Pacifica who want to listen to this station but you dont really get good reception until your almost out of Pacifica. Is there anything that can be done about getting better reception? Thanks!

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