Cumulus launches “The Torch” in Des Moines


KWQWKWQW-FM, “WOW-FM, the Capital’s Big Talker,” has re-launched as “Common Sense Radio 98.3 The Torch.” The new PD Robert Rees is also hosting mornings from 5-9AM. Glenn Beck is added from 9-11AM and Dennis Miller from 11AM- 2PM. They replaced Chris Plante and Herman Cain. Rees joined the station from Great Plains Media’s WRPW-FM Bloomington, IL last month. The rest of the station’s lineup keeps WestwoodOne’s Michael Savage, Mark Levin, John Batchelor and Red Eye Radio.

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  1. I wished you would have left Herman Cain on Dennis Miller sucks there doesn’t seem to be any substance to his show he just rambles on like he always did on Monday Night Football and every thing else he’s been on. You should at least put Glenn in that spot and Miller in Glenns.

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