Cumulus & Nielsen expand partnership


CumulusCumulus Media is currently handles sales repping for Nielsen’s music monitoring service BDSradio (Broadcast Data Systems/BDS). Now the two have upped that deal to include Cumulus stations using BDSradio as well. 

“Our stations need the most reliable research and this arrangement with Nielsen accomplishes that and allows us to continue providing the most compelling content on radio,” said Dennis Green, Cumulus Media SVP.

“We look forward to sharing BDS data with our stations across all format platforms. BDS is providing cutting-edge technology. Its accurate data helps us super-serve our stations with valid and useful information with music targeting and rotations,” said Jan Jeffries, SVP, Corporate/Programming at Cumulus Media.

“Cumulus selecting Nielsen BDSradio as its monitoring service is a testament to our commitment to quality services and insights and we couldn’t be prouder,” said Howard Appelbaum, President/Entertainment, for Nielsen.

Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems provides music research and monitoring services for the entertainment industry including Nielsen BDSradio, a strategic tool designed for radio programmers.  Nielsen BDS captures more than 100 million song detections annually on more than 1,900 radio stations, satellite and video channels in 176 markets across North America.  Nielsen’s data on airplay, sales, and On-Demand streams is featured weekly in Billboard’s charts.