Cumulus shifting KGO to News


Looks like all News KCBS-AM is getting some competition: Cumulus has made more changes at News-Talker KGO-AM San Francisco, beyond the recent dismissal of eight staffers, including PD/Ops manager Jack Swanson. This time, Cumulus is changing the format to News as “KGO-810 – the Bay Area news and information station.” Local talkers Gene Burns, Gil Gross, Ray Taliaferro and John Rothmann are out. Beginning 12/5 News will be delivered from 2PM to midnight. Ronn Owens will keep his 9AM-Noon show and Brian Copeland keeps his weekend show, according to the SF Chronicle.

Says KGO’s website: “You may have heard about the changes we’re making to our on-air lineup on KGO. After careful consideration we’ve determined our audience is looking for more news, which is why we are increasing our news presence throughout the day.

The Ronn Owens program will continue to be the place where the Bay Area goes to talk about current events and breaking news, and we’ll still have great talk shows on the weekends as well as on our sister station KSFO.

Be assured that KGO remains your source for Bay Area news and information. Thanks for listening to the new KGO 810.”

KGO news and PD Paul Hosley tells The Chronicle: “What we are doing is adding a tremendous amount of news content to KGO.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Talk radio is pretty saturated in that market, but so far, all-News isn’t. Cumulus keeps KSFO in the market as Talk as well. We are a bit surprised, as the live and local talkers KGO had behind the mic kept it at a #7 in the market, according the Nov. PPMs. KSFO, meanwhile was 17th. But looking at KCBS’ #2 spot in November, perhaps they’re figuring News and information is the place to be. Also of note: NPR affiliate KQED-FM is #1 in the market right now. We’re a bit surprised with this move that they didn’t move KGO’s talkers to KSFO—and who knows, they might. Either way, some of them will likely resurface in the Bay Area.