Cumulus swaps out Nashville FMs with trustee


Scott Knoblauch formed Volt Radio LLC as a place to park Cumulus overstock radio stations, and in Nashville that includes WRQQ-FM Belle Meade TN and WNFN-FM Millersville TN. That’s changing though – Volt is sending WRQQ back to Cumulus in exchange for WQQK-FM.

We doubt one need look much further than the stations’ engineering parameters to find a motivation for the swap. WRQQ is a Class C2 on 97.1 MHz with 44.37 kW @ 517’ and full coverage of the city of Nashville; WQQK is a Class A on 92.1 MHz with 3.1 kW @ 461’ and weakness in the southern portion of the city.

Cumulus has four other stations in the market: WSM-FM and WKDF-FM, both licensed to Nashville, WGFX-FM Gallatin and WWTN-FM Hendersonville.

Knoblauch’s Volt has another station as well in the market. WQQK will be partnered with WNFN-FM Millersville.