Cumulus trust spins off Dallas AM


$1.25M KKLF-AM Dallas-Fort Worth TX (Richardson TX) from Joule Broadcasting LLC, trustee for the Susquehanna Divestiture Trust, in turn for Cumulus Media (Edward Esserman) to Claro Communications Ltd. (Gerald Benavides). $50K escrow, $950K cash at closing, $250K note. Cross-ownership with LPTV station KBFW-LP Arlington TX. [FCC file date 11/5/13]

$229K KBOE AM & FM Oskaloosa IA. 50.5% of Jomast Corporation from Bradley G. Mull (100% to 50%) to Branden B. Mull (0% to 50%). $22.9K cash, $206,100 note. [FCC file date 11/1/13]


  1. I was wondering why KKLF (1700 KHz) was off the air. I guess that the new format will be garbage.

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