Cuomo to buyers: Don’t use PPM


There’s been no ruling yet from a federal judge on Arbitron’s proposed injunction against New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, so the AG is still fighting against PPM. He issued a statement yesterday calling PPM data “flawed” and warning advertisers and broadcasters not to use it.

“Arbitron’s decision to release its unreliable and unaccredited radio ratings system is an affront to racial and ethnic minorities in New York and around the country. The Attorney General’s Office cautions all advertisers and broadcasters against using these prematurely released ratings as we believe they are flawed and will be the subject of ongoing litigation. Arbitron’s unwillingness to defend the validity of their system on its merits proves it places its own economic incentives over the interests of minority broadcasting. As a monopolist, Arbitron owes consumers an explanation for its decision to force feed the PPM system to broadcasters. Their irresponsible decision threatens the existence of diversity in radio and muzzles the voices and viewpoints of millions of Americans. Obviously, the Attorney General’s Office will continue to seek justice in this case,” said a statement from Cuomo’s office.