Cyber Monday looming large this holiday season


ShoppingBlack Friday will be history. But there will still be about four weeks of shopping time left when Cyber Monday is “observed” 11/26/12. But marketers take note: A survey says that about half of all American consumers will spend more that day than they will during those subsequent four weeks.

CouponCabin commissioned Harris Interactive to find out about Cyber Monday plans, and the finding is that 47% will spend heavily that day, at a level they will not match going forward.
What’s more, 29% will be using smartphones and tablets to shop on that day.

How much to Cyber Monday shoppers plan to spend? They found that out too:
* $1-$100 – 39 percent
* $101-$500 – 54 percent
* $501 – $10,000 – 6 percent

Here’s a surprising note from the survey – as recently as last year, less than half of Americans even knew what Cyber Monday was – 48% had an awareness of the event in 2011. That percentage has increased dramatically to 61% this year.

“Cyber Monday’s popularity has grown year after year,” said Jackie Warrick, President and Chief Savings Officer at “For some people, it’s even eclipsed Black Friday as the top day for saving, likely due to its convenience. Plus, Cyber Monday shoppers can access deals from anywhere, whether they’re on the go, at home or at work.”

RBR-TVBR observation: It is increasingly important that you tell your clients to include their internet and mobile addresses in their messaging, as well as any special offers they have for consumers who choose to do business that way.

And if its good for the goose, it’s good for the gander – your station had best be fully engaged with all relevant digital platforms if it wishes to be a participant in the 21st Century economy.

One final note: According to the survey, 37% of shoppers will do so from the workplace, up from only 24% last year. While that may be less than productive for the company where these people are employed in the short run, RBR-TVBR urges employers not to come down too hard on the practice.

Hey, it’ll be good for the economy as a whole, and in the long run it’ll be good for the company where the spenders are working!