Dan Patrick teams with de Castro


Well, when ESPN's Dan Patrick decided he was moving on from ESPN, rumor had it that the destination was Sporting News Radio, where his brother works (7/10/07 RBR #133).

Not true. Patrick has teamed with longtime broadcasting industry entrepreneur Jimmy de Castro, whose "The Content Factory" will feature Patrick. Founded by de Castro, The Content Factory aims to revolutionize and customize how broadcasting content will be distributed for both traditional and the multitude of new media channels that exist today.

Patrick is leaving his current position at ESPN on 8/18.

"Dan isn't leaving radio – he's leading radio to its next logical path, much the way the web, mobile devices and 24/7 wireless connectivity has done for video," said de Castro in a statement. "He will continue his innovative industry leadership by taking his brand, the 'big show,' to broader audiences in the innovative ways they receive their information – via radio, television, internet, podcasts, infopods, mobil devices and beyond."

Along with other broadcast industry innovators, The Content Factory will assemble and develop an "All Star" line-up of personalities to deliver, through state-of-the-art technologies and media channels, the most consumer relevant and enjoyable content available. In making the announcement de Castro and Patrick indicated that additional news and updates will be released soon.

deCastro was on a plane and unavailable for comment yesterday.