Dan Savadove says he'll be back to radio


Main Line Broadcasting founder Dan Savadove confirmed that he has left the company. In a statement sent to RBR-TVBR, the veteran broadcaster said he will be coming back to radio, but isn’t yet providing any details.

Here is Savadove’s statement:

“After much discussion with my investors of the past 7 years, I have decided to depart my position as President/CEO of Main Line Broadcasting, the Philadelphia, PA based    radio group owner/operator consisting of 19 stations.  I believe it to be in the mutual interest of all concerned.  My decision is primarily based on my independent personal objectives and views.

I am grateful to my investors and, it is important to note, that although it may have appeared sudden, the parting   was completely amicable.  I wish and expect only the best for the company and, in fact, will be rooting strongly for its success as I am choosing to remain a significant shareholder in the company. 

I am most proud of the many accomplishments of the Main Line Broadcasting management team and employees best illustrated by our revenue growth and operating margins which consistently ranked among the radio industry’s best.

As for me,  I am going to enjoy the holidays and some much needed personal R & R (no pun intended) with my family,  and  I then expect to embark on the next phase of my 35 year career in the only industry that I know,  fully believe in,   and love……RADIO.   Stay tuned seems somewhat corny but I can say the pun is intended.”