Dan Sileo fired after posting threatening tweet


WMEN-AM 640 SportsJames-Crystal Enterprises’ WMEN-AM (”640 Sports”) West Palm Beach-Miami has fired host Dan Sileo after issuing a bounty on a Florida State player. Sileo, a former University of Miami Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman, tweeted that he would “pay $1,000 to any Hurricane who ”takes … out” a Florida State player.

According to Associated Press, U Miami saw the tweets, and the school was “not pleased.”

WMEN told Reynolds in a statement that Sileo’s actions “have no place in sports.”

After deleting the tweet, Sileo tweeted again that the bounty offer was just a joke and not to be taken seriously. He profusely apologized on his Facebook page and on Twitter.

Sileo, who has also held gigs at numerous AM sports talkers, as well as being syndicated by Fox Sports Radio, has had other similar incidents.  Last year he wanted Miami’s defenders to ”pull a knife on quarterbacks who run on them.” He also lost on-air radio jobs in Tampa and Miami. After this latest incident, he claims that he and his daughter are both getting death threats.

Here’s the full message he tweeted 11/3: “in 6 weeks… I will PAY A $1000 BUCKS to ANY @hurricanesports PLAYER to TAKES THIS KID OUT #MHFREEMAN.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Thankfully, no one took Sileo up on his offer. Either way, sports talkers have no place trying to affect the outcome of a game—especially encouraging physical harm on a player. At least he specified a Hurricanes player should take Freeman out of the game, not just anyone in general. That could have resulted in more than a firing. Meanwhile, WMEN was left with no choice.