Dante, MADI, AVB Enjoy NAB Show’s RME Spotlight


LAS VEGAS — Products featuring Dante, MADI and AVB compatibility that are designed to improve audio transmission for live and sports broadcasting were on full display at the NAB Show from a German audio interface manufacturer looking to make inroads in the U.S.

The company making its stateside splash is RME. 

Its U.S. distributor is Synthax. Serving as Director of Sales for the Americas at Synthax, Derek Dadala said the new Dante- and AVB-compatible products offer a “reliable and robust” solution for providing computer recording and playback of 128 channels of audio as well as 128×128 network matrix mixer in these IP audio domains.

The Digiface Dante and Digiface AVB are the newest additions to RME’s Digiface line of audio interfaces. The Digiface Dante is a 256-channel, 192 kHz USB audio interface that supports AES67. The BNC connections provide Word Clock I/O and can be switched to work with MADI, allowing for MADI and Dante to be used simultaneously, and enabling the unit to work as a simple bidirectional format converter in standalone mode.

The Digiface AVB meets the growing need in the industry to distribute audio over a local area network, the company says. The Digiface AVB USB audio interface uses AVB to transfer up to 256 channels of audio between PC and audio networks. The integrated USB 3.0 connection allows up to 128 audio channels to be streamed back to the AVB network and another 128 channels to the computer — with sampling rates of up to 192 kHz. Users can adjust the channel sizes of streams between 2 and 32 channels as needed to ensure maximum compatibility with AVB audio devices available on the market.


In addition to Dante- and AVB-compatible products, RME also shared with NAB Show attendees its Babyface Pro — an intuitive audio interface that podcasters have been turning to. The two-mic interface features 24 channels, delivers high-fidelity audio with minimal latency and comes complete with RME’s proprietary TotalMix mixing and routing software. “TotalMix eliminates the struggle podcasters often face while inputting multiple sources of audio into their audio mixer, including while interviewing individuals via Skype,” the company says. “TotalMix makes it easy for podcasters to control their mix-minus setups intuitively through the software and eliminates the need for an external mixer or other accessories that add unwanted cost and complications to the setup.”

Balada added, “As the podcasting community grows, more podcasters are looking to elevate their audio game and are turning to our Babyface Pro and TotalMix software. From simultaneous multi-tracking to eliminating the mix-minus hurdle, the Babyface Pro and TotalMix software creates an intuitive audio configuration that easily improves any podcaster’s setup.”