DASH 3.0 Begins Today


Media system in a vehicleAll aspects of radio’s future in the dashboard of the connected car will be explored at DASH 3.0, which begins today in Detroit.

The two-day event is sponsored by Jacobs Media and our sister publication Radio Ink.

The connected car “snuck up on radio,” Jacob Media President Fred Jacobs said in a recent webinar on the topic.

As consumers feel more confident about the economy, experts predict they’ll start to purchase new cars — replacing vehicles that are now just over 11 years old on average.

That means people used to seeing traditional receiver with knobs and buttons will be confronted with new infotainment systems, and in some cases, need to hunt for the radio, which may not be on the first screen that comes up when they turn on the system. There’s no standardization among automakers on these systems, leaving consumers, in some cases, to struggle to pair their phone with their audio system and tune-in the radio, notes Jacobs.

At DASH 3.0, experts from companies like Visteon, Toyota, Cisco and NextRadio will help untangle what’s happening in the dashboard for radio executives. Noting the recent introduction of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into the vehicle, as well as plans by Google and Apple to get into the dash, Jacobs says the event “is not a conference where speakers mince words.”

“It’s essential we get a great turnout to let automakers know we are engaged,” said Jacobs, noting that this conference is unique in that it brings together broadcasters, carmakers and their suppliers. Register here at: https://radioink.wufoo.com/forms/2015-dash/


  1. Dash 3.0,The future of car radio?I can see where innovations keep signaling the demise of AM radio.Having recently retired after 53 years in Broadcasting due to heart failure and valve replacement,I look back to The Golden age of Top 0 when AM was King.As a seven year old in 1955 I can remember marvelling at AM radio and what I could here from the distant signals as I grew up on The South Carolina Low country coast.
    AM radio gave us so much to listen to and so many different formats and personalities.
    Starting in radio at 14 I was like a sponge trying to absorb everything I could in the broadcast business.By 15 we had moved to Northern New Jersey 15 miles from New York and once again AM ruled in in the metro so much to learn of our beloved business.By 17 I was studying broadcast in Manhattan and working as a goffer.This of course was a springboard to varied medium market jobs in music programming,formatting as well as on air.
    Sadly with the naysayers demise of AM radio none of this will ever become attainable for future broadcaster,s.I cannot help but notice that the biggest supporters of getting rid of AM are the Import car makers.If you listen to the majority of the car radios they install you can see why FM and Sattelite radio are dominant as THE AM radios just do not pick up signals like American Car radios.I once used a line in a commercial I was writing for a Museum “Where our future is our past”AM can still thrive but it takes effort.Consolidation and foreign car makers are what is killing AM radio.In a business that I still have a passion for I would hope that with all the consolidation and group ownership that some people will be innovative enough to build new formats and help keeping our medium the best in the world.RAB years ago asked the question who listens to radio.One answer would be I do everyday AM,FM,Internet and satelite.Let us all band together and remember our future is still our past!!

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