Data Plus Math Equals Big Buy For LiveRamp


“The trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful” has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a media measurement company that works with brands, agencies, cable operators, streaming TV services, and networks to tie cross-screen ad exposure with “real-world outcomes.”

In a transaction announced Monday (6/24), San Francisco-based LiveRamp revealed that it is acquiring Data Plus Math.

With the combination of the two entities comes what LiveRamp calls “the world’s largest people-based identity graph,” complete with cross-screen data and sell-side relationships.

With people-based addressability and measurement across channels now a big marketer want, LiveRamp believes that by combining the reach and scale of TV with the outcome-driven capabilities marketers require, brands and agencies can now better coordinate the customer journey, deliver more relevant messaging, and tie TV campaigns to measurable return on investment (ROI).

“This move strengthens LiveRamp’s network and expands its ability to power experiences across the entire customer journey, all in a privacy-conscious way,” LiveRamp said.

LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe added, “Data and technology have transformed the relationship a brand can have with its consumer on TV, creating tremendous opportunities to improve how TV inventory is bought, sold and measured.”

Data Plus Math CEO John Hoctor added, “On the heels of our strategic partnership announced last year, we’re incredibly excited to now be joining LiveRamp. TV remains the most effective way for brands to quickly reach their audience, build their brand and drive product sales. Unfortunately as consumer’s viewing habits have evolved, TV measurement has struggled to keep up. With LiveRamp, we’re changing that.”

The addition of Data Plus Math is expected to close in LiveRamp’s fiscal second quarter.

In fiscal 2020, Data Plus Math is expected to contribute approximately $5 million in revenue and increase non-GAAP operating loss by approximately $8 million. In addition, LiveRamp expects the transaction to increase GAAP operating loss by approximately $27 million due to higher non-cash compensation and estimated purchased intangible asset amortization.