Data, Tech Agreement Brings Together Nielsen and IPG


In what is being heralded as a “first-of-its-kind” pact, Interpublic Group media management and data arm IPG Mediabrands has signed a data and technology agreement with Nielsen.

As Nielsen sees it, the benefit is all IPG’s, as the arrangement “will greatly enhance the company’s audience discovery, activation and measurement abilities.”

The integration sees the match of “millions” of IPG Mediabrands’ consumer IDs, housed within its Audience Management Platform (AMP), with Nielsen’s TV viewing and purchase behavior insights. This includes purchase-based audience data from a set of anonymized frequent shopper cards in the U.S. from Nielsen Catalina Solutions, as well as NBI’s transaction data from more than 80% of all U.S. credit cards in the U.S.

According to Nielsen, “The technology integration between Nielsen and IPG Mediabrands will help deliver more effective decision-making about where and when to engage audiences with content and advertising, and on what devices and platforms.”

Leveraging Nielsen’s TV viewership and buyer-based audience data, the Mediabrands Data and Technology Team and Nielsen will collaborate on the newest version of the AMP data stack, which already powers UM’s Business Analytics Engine and Initiative’s Accelerator, the planning tools behind the full-service global media and marketing agencies within IPG Mediabrands.

This expanded relationship also includes access to Nielsen Marketing Cloud and Nielsen Media Impact tools, which enable media planners to estimate the impact of their plans on audience reach, sales and brand equity before committing investment.

“Nielsen is an invaluable strategic partner for us as we continue to build upon our data and technology infrastructure,” said Arun Kumar, Global Chief Data & Marketing Technology Officer for IPG Mediabrands. “This will enhance our targeting capabilities and provides us with the planning tools we need to ensure that our agencies can reach addressable audiences at scale.”

The technology relationship comes on the heels of a new five-year global services agreement between Nielsen and IPG Mediabrands.

The agreement includes Nielsen solutions for Local and National TV, Audio, Scarborough, Digital Content Ratings (DCR), SVOD Content Ratings and cross-platform planning licensing. Additionally, the agreement provides the first ever enterprise-wide Nielsen Buyer Insights license.

“We are very excited to help IPG Mediabrands provide its clients with powerful buyer-based segmentation, creating an end-to-end marketing solution for their brand clients,” said Nielsen EVP Damian Garbaccio. “This speaks to our ability to customize our unique data assets and software to meet the exact business needs of our agency and brand clients. IPG Mediabrands is now that much closer to truly effective decision making and multiplying the benefits of improved cross-platform audience selection.”