Database lets advertisers match TV viewing to purchases


In February, TRA ( introduced the only technology, Media TRAnalytics, that lets advertisers, networks and agencies match second-by-second television viewing to actual product purchases at the household level. TRA today announced a 370,000 household nationwide anonymous single source database, the largest resource for U.S. television audience measurement against purchase measurement in history – over 70 times larger than Project Apollo.

It’s a “sweet spot” that emerged when TRA overlaid television viewership data from 1.5 million cable and TiVo households nationally, consumer package goods purchase data from more than 55 million households, and anonymous demographic data from more than 100 million households.

TRA’s sample includes both live and timeshifted/DVR anonymous tuning data which is critical to establishing a true representation of today’s evolving television behavioral landscape. TRA also has the ability to use other forms of anonymous household purchase data (e.g., auto, pharma, consumer electronics, financial services) to make advertising accountable. TRA has rigorously applied stringent criteria to ensure the highest quality data match and will continue to grow the size of its database with the acquisition of additional TV and purchase data.

TRA also announced Discovery Communications joined its client roster (including a major broadcast network, consumer packaged goods company and media agency.