David Field addresses employees on Boston tragedy


David FieldThe Entercom CEO sent an email to all company employees 4/16, praising the work their Boston cluster—and radio in general–is doing to help the public in this difficult time, after the Boston Marathon bombings:

“I have spent the morning listening to our stations in Boston providing on-going coverage of the terrorist attacks.  I could not be prouder of the work we are doing.  WEEI, WRKO and WAAF are all delivering riveting, thoughtful, poignant, and inspiring radio to their listeners.  Callers are sharing their incredible personal accounts of the attacks while our personalities are adding insightful, meaningful perspective to help all of us make sense of the madness.

The tragedy is Boston is heart-breaking.   We feel incredible sadness for the Richard family of Dorchester and all of the other victims of this heinous terrorist attack.   We feel a great sense of loss and anger that this wonderful event which represented so much of what is great about our world could be so brutally violated by the cowards that did this.   And yet we are inspired by the magnificent outpouring of selflessness and heroism that we witnessed yesterday.  First responders, volunteers, and complete strangers risked their lives to assist the wounded.  And so many others opened their homes to strangers, gave blood and assisted in various other ways.  We witnessed humanity at its very worst and its very best.

And as we have seen in countless tragedies in our nation’s past, radio is playing a leading role in helping people grieve, process, cope, and get back on their feet.  Entercom is playing a particularly important role in rallying the community due to the prominence of WAAF, WRKO and WEEI and the many high-profile personalities at these stations who are so well-known in Boston. Our teams have stepped up to the challenge and are delivering outstanding radio and leadership to a community in need.  They will continue to play a vital, leading role in the days ahead.

I am incredibly proud to work with the men and women of Entercom Boston and to be a part of radio, this great American business that does so much to help us cope, heal and rebuild when tragedy strikes.



RBR-TVBR observation: As we’ve stressed before, when something like this occurs, the cellphones will be of little use in the area where the situation arises. How can citizens get vital information that they’ll need? The cell networks will be overloaded. Who is carrying a transistor radio? A battery-powered TV? Very few. Let’s get the FM chips into cell phones as fast as possible–this is yet another reminder of that necessity. Local radio will take it from there, as it always has.


  1. FM chips in cell phones? When most FM stations are voicetracked/automated – as far from an information source as possible? The idea is wonderful. The execution of this idea is terrible until broadcasters start to reinvest in the product. When tragedies like Boston occur, listeners will leave radio in droves – because next thing you know they’ll want TV chips in phones.

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