‘David Letterman’ and the All Time Stupid trick tournament begins


From March 18 through April 5, Viewers Can Vote Online to Determine Their All-Time Favorite Stupid Trick. One Lucky Online Voter to Win Trip to See the LATE SHOW in New York City. Pets and humans will battle for supremacy when the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN presents THE ULTIMATE STUPID TRICK TOURNAMENT: PETS vs HUMANS, on the LATE SHOW Web site at CBS.com, where viewers can vote to decide their all-time favorite Stupid Trick beginning Thursday, March 18.

Fans will be able to vote online  during the show’s Stupid Trick tournament, which will begin with the “Stupid Sixteen” – the all-time best eight Pet Tricks and eight Human Tricks.  Over a period of 19 days in March, fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite Pet or Human Trick in a series of alternating daily matchups – Pets vs. Pets one day, Humans vs. Humans the next day, etc.  Fans will be able to watch a video clip of each of the two competing Tricks in the daily matchups and then vote on their favorite of the two.  
The Trick that garners the most votes each day wins, with the victor in each daily Pet or Human Tricks matchup then proceeding to the next level of competition — the “Excellent Eight,” the “Favorite Four” and, finally, the ultimate showdown, when the top Pet battles the top Human for the title of best all-time Trick.  The ultimate champion will be announced on the LATE SHOW Web site Monday, April 5.

The 16 competing Tricks are:

Top Eight Stupid Pet Tricks
·        A monkey that rides a dog down a slide
·        A cat that makes noises while eating
·        A dog that spins when the audience applauds
·        A dog that can prune a tree
·        A dog that jumps rope with kids
·        A duck that eats cottage cheese out of its owner’s mouth
·        A dog that says “I love you”
·        A dog that plays dead
Top Eight Stupid Human Tricks
·        A man who drinks milk through nose and shoots it out of his eye
·        A woman who spits out gum and sucks it back in
·        A child who sneezes on command
·        A human bowling ball
·        A woman who bugs her eyes out
·        A man who does a cannon ball onto a milk carton
·        A woman who scratches her eyeballs
·        A man who feeds spaghetti to wife from a fork in his nose
Additionally, one lucky online fan will be selected at random to win a trip for two, including round trip airfare, ground transfers, two nights hotel and two tickets to see the LATE SHOW at the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. 
Both Stupid Pet and Stupid Human Tricks have a long history with Letterman and his talk shows – the very first Stupid Pet Tricks segment was first introduced on his NBC morning show, “The David Letterman Show,” on June 26, 1980, and was extended in 1983 on the “Late Night” program to incorporate Stupid Human Tricks.  Since the LATE SHOW’s debut on CBS in August 1993, nearly 300 Stupid Pet and Stupid Human Tricks have been featured on the broadcast. 
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(source: CBS)