David McDavid Automotive Group to offer HD Radios


On the heels of the announcement regarding a similar initiative in Detroit (7/16/07 RBR #137), The David McDavid Automotive Group has joined forces with the HD Digital Radio Alliance to now offer HD Digital Radios at all of its dealerships in Texas. The auto group is currently the only dealership group there to make HD Radio technology available. David McDavid, a division of dealership giant Asbury Automotive Group–with seven dealerships in Dallas and Houston–will offer Visteon's JUMP HD Digital Radio to customers buying new or used cars. And for all new Hondas purchased in July, McDavid Group is giving away a complimentary HD JUMP receiver and will be announcing similar promotions next week in their other Texas stores.

The Alliance and David McDavid are a new model for partnership between local radio stations and their automotive car dealership customers. Ideally radio stations and car dealerships, who are likely already marketing partners, will use this kind of promotion to drive car and HD Radio sales and awareness, and give consumers a chance to discover HD Radio in their newly purchased car.

In support, the HD Digital Radio Alliance will be running commercials in Dallas and Houston for thirteen straight weeks, giving this campaign excellent reach and frequency. The campaign started 7/2.

SmartMedia observation: This is what more radio markets should be doing-partnering with the local dealers with HD Radio promo efforts. However, getting the automakers to put OEM receivers in new cars is really what should be happening-at least more quickly. Going the long way around is fine, but points out the biggest weakness in HD Radio adoption.