Daystar buying LPTV in Montgomery AL area


The Word of God Fellowship, owner and operator of the noncommercial religious Daystar Network, is opening its wallet to pick up a low power television station in the Montgomery AL area. The deal is contingent on the ability of the station to flashcut to digital operation.

The station is WETU-LP, licensed to operate on Channel 39 out of Wetumpka AL. According to the contract, it must be authorized for a flashcut to digital Channel 24 for the contract to be valid.

It is also contingent on its continued carriage on Channel 99 of a local 50K-subscriber Charter cable system.

The seller is ACN Sports Inc., headed by James D. Earley. The price is $250K, with $25K going into escrow and with a full cash payment at closing.

Word of God Fellowship, headed by Marcus D. Lamb, has full and low power television stations in numerous locations.