Daystar expands coverage


Daystar, one of the two largest Christian television networks in the world, is now available on Glorystar Christian Satellite, Time Warner, Bright House and Comcast digital cable systems throughout the U.S., as well as New York City’s Cablevision. Through this expansion, Daystar original programming, including “Celebration,” “Joni,” “Gospel Music Showcase” and “Check the Sound,” will now be available to 17 million more homes across the country.

Daystar’s domestic audience has grown from 63 million to 80 million homes this year alone. The network has ownership of over 70 U.S. stations with 21 of those stations in the top 30 television markets.

Globally, Daystar broadcasts to over 200 countries and 525 million households worldwide.

Daystar broadcasts on Galaxy 19 satellite, which covers all of the US, Canada, Mexico and most of the Caribbean. In addition, Daystar is available nationally on DISH Network (channel 263) and DirecTV (channel 369). Daystar is a free-to-air channel.