DC political committees funding for 2012


The books have been closed on another month of fund-raising by the six national strategic political committees. The RNC, DNC and the four congressional committees figure to do their part to fuel yet another record-breaking year of political spending in 2012.

The Democratic National Committee has a natural advantage over the other five – the participation of President Barack Obama in fund-raising efforts. However, according to reports he cancelled some fund-raising events to focus on the debt ceiling crisis, dampening July results.

Nevertheless, according to Washington Post’s The Fix, DNC picked up $6.7M and has $20.1M cash on hand and $11.2M in debt. Its counterpart Republican National Committee was close to matching DNC with $6.1M taken in – but it has only $7.6M in the bank and $17M in debt.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee were neck-and-neck in July. DCCC brought in $4M, has $8.1M cash on hand and $4M in debt; meanwhile, NRCC collected $3.9M, has $11.3M on hand and $2.8M in debt.

Neck-and-neck also describes the senatorial fund-raising battle between the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, according to CNN. DSCC raised $2.74M, had $9.21M cash on hand and $1.8M in debt; NRSC raised $2.72M, has $4.14M on hand and no debt at all.