Deal brings new buyer to Sebring Class A


A deal was in place for the sale of WHRT-CA Sebring FL which would have sent it to a new owner in a cash/debt deal. The cash and debt portions of the deal are still in place, but the buyer will be different.

Sebring is centered between the state’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts and is considered part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota DMA.

The seller is Trianon Broadcasting Company Inc., headed by Gary Hutchens.

The buyer was to be IP Solutions International LLC, headed by Warren Thurow. However, Thurow is handing the right to buy over to Victoria L. Sparks.

The price could work out to as much as $35K. The compensation package calls for a cash payment of $15K. The debt portion calls for paying as much as $15K to American Tower, as much as $4K to the law firm Fletcher Heald & Hildreth, and paying up to $1K for insurance. The buyer will also cover all FCC filing fees.