Deal details for Newport, Sinclair and friends, Pt. II


$6M WJYC-TV & WPMI-TV Mobile AL-Pensacola FL (Mobile AL, Pensacola FL) from Newport Television LLC (Sandy DiPasquale) to Deerfield Media Inc. (Stephen P. Mumblow). Cash, $5M allocated to WPMI. $1M to WJYC. Will enter into JSA/SSA with Sinclair Broadcast Group’s WEAR-TV Pensacola and WFGX-TV Fort Walton Beach FL. [FCC file date 7/30/12]

$2M WSTR-TV Cincinnati OH from WSTR License Inc., a subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. (David Smith) to Deerfield Media Inc. (Stephen P. Mumblow). Buyer will enter into JSA/SSA with seller’s WKRC. Fox Television Stations has an option to acquire WSTR-TV, which must be honored by buyer. [FCC file date 7/27/12]