Deal Killers Podcast: Seller’s Remorse and Surprises


The seventh and final installment in RBR+TVBR‘s limited “Deal Killers” podcast series focuses on the many things that could derail a transaction.

The first topic is an unpleasant one for many: seller’s remorse.

Then, what happens when a deal seems all but set, but an unwelcome surprise pops up in the 11th hour?

Tackling those subjects are media broker Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors; Bruce Mittman and Jim Leven, the leaders of radio broadcasting company Community Broadcasters; and Erwin Krasnow, a partner at Washington law firm Garvey Schubert Barer, who share their thoughts with RBR+TVBR’s Adam R Jacobson in this 14-minute audio presentation.

“Along with seller’s remorse there could be some surprises … those awful, evil things that pop up at the last second,” Jacobson notes.

Yet, Ferber says, surprises pop up every time.

It is seller’s remorse, in his view, that’s the tougher trouble spot to tackle.

He notes, “You know the gold records on the wall when you visit a Top 40 radio station? If you leave it on the wall, it comes with the radio station. There was an instance where the buyer really wanted that stuff, and the seller really wanted that stuff, and they got into a fight over it. The deal imploded. Things can get bad over the most irrational reasons.”

What do Mittman and Leven have to say?

What’s the legal view on how people can get so attached to their radio stations that it could implode a good deal? Krasnow chimes in, too.

To listen to the entire 14-minute podcast, simply click on the box below!



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