Deal Puts Tacher in the Spotlight


The Tacher CompanyA trio of AM stations under the ownership of Spotlight Broadcasting which serve the area in and around New Orleans with the assistance of an FM presence will have Tacher on board to bring in national business.

Spotlight Broadcasting of New Orleans LLC (its full name) owns KAGY-AM, WABL-AM and KMRC-AM. The first two also feature an FM presence.

The company is owned by Patrick Andras.

Andras said, “As Spotlight Broadcasting continues to expand our footprint in Southeast Louisiana, contracting a national rep firm like The Tacher Company, who is known to aggressively pursue national business as an extension of their stations’ local sales teams, was the perfect addition to our long term plan.  We look forward to the partnership with Tacher and to growing our national revenue through their efforts in 2015 and beyond.”

KAGY-AM 1510 hails from Port Sulphur LA.
WABL-AM 1570 hails from Amite LA.
KMRC-AM 1430 hails from Morgan City LA.

KAGY and KMRC use a local “Swamp-Pop/Cajun” format; while the WABL outlets utilize a Class Hits/News-Talk format.