Deal will give new group third TV, and second in Seattle area


OTA Broadcasting has been snapping up television stations in large western markets at the kind of bargain prices one can find in today’s stunted market. The latest acquisition, coming from Newport Television with help from its brokerage representative Kalil & Co., is KVOS-TV.

The price of the transaction was not disclosed.

The Channel 35 facility is licensed to Bellingham WA. It was formerly part of the Ackerley broadcast group, was sold to and spun off by Clear Channel, with Newport eventually acquiring the license. An attempt to sell it along with KFTY-TV in the San Francisco DMA for $26.6M back in 2007 did not make it to the finish line.

OTA has made two other acquisitions in 2011. It acquired KTLN-TV Novato CA, serving the San Francisco DMA, for $8M, and acquired KFFV-TV for $5.05M.

KFFV is an Azteca America affiliate, and KVOS brings Me-TV into the DMA.