Dealers Deal in New Year


Media-Monitors1By Dwight Douglas, Media Monitors

In the Media Monitors TV Spot Ten last week, the Honda Dealer Association took #1 with 22,333 spots. The Nissan Dealer Association moved up to #2 airing 21,066 spots, while Macy’s leapt from #11 to #4 running 18,702 ads. The Ford Dealer Association slid to #4 with 18,702 spots and MetroPCS powered up from #34 to #5 with 16,076 spots. The US Department of Transportation catapulted to #6 with 16,022 spots, while the Toyota Dealer Association parked at #7 airing 15,653 spots. Brookside Chocolate (The Hershey Company) opened at #8 with 14,577 spots and King Mobile App rolled into #9 with 13,633 spots. Coming in at #10 was Mucinex with 13,342 spots.