Deals in Illinois, Iowa and North Carolina


$1M WKIF-FM Kankakee IL from WKIF Inc. (Charles F. Gross), a subsidiary of Newsweb Radio Company (Fred Eychaner) to Trust B of the Lorin G. Milner Revocable Trust (Jacqueline Milner, Trustee). Cash. LMA until closing. Superduopoly with WVLI-FM Kankakee IL and WFAV-FM Gilman IL. [FCC file date 6/8/12]

$600K KIHS-FM Des Moines IA (Ames IA) from Calvary Radio Network Inc. (James Motshagen) to St. Gabriel Communications (Joseph E. Teeling et al). $15K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Includes K233BT Des Moines. Combo with KWKY-AM Des Moines IA. [FCC file date 6/8/12]

$98K WFGW-AM Asheville NC (Black Mountain NC) from Blue Ridge Broadcasting Corporation (Jim Kirkland, David P. Bruce) to Humberto Martinez and Margarita del Rosario Toth. Escrow payments of $24.5K and $55K, balance in cash at closing. Seller retains WMIT-FM in Black Mountain, and also owns WFGW-FM Norris TN, necessitating call change for this station. [FCC file date 6/7/12]