Deals in Texarkana, Minneapolis


$140K KRTG-FM Texarkana TX (Hooks TX) from Family Life Broadcasting Inc. (Alonzo D. Williams) to Freed AM Corporation (Robert A. DelGiorno Jr.). Cash. TBA 5/17/12 @ $3,560/month. Duopoly with KPYN-AM Atlanta TX, KKTK-AM Texarkana Station going from noncommercial to commercial broadcaster. TX. [FCC file date 10/12/12]

$10K WIXK-AM Minneapolis-St. Paul MN (New Richmond WI) from WIXK-AM LLC, a subsidiary of Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. (David A. Jones) to Zoe Communications Inc. (Michael J. Oberg, George E. Manus). Cash. LMA until closing. Combo with WDMO-FM Baldwin WI. [FCC file date 10/12/12]