Debut Broadcasting grew revenues in 2010


The smallest of the publicly traded radio companies, Debut Broadcasting, reports that 210 revenues were up 11.6% to $4.8 million. “We are proud of the achievements we have accomplished in 2010 and the momentum the company is building for 2011,” said CEO Ron Heineman.

The company reduced expenses somewhat as it increased revenues, so operating income flipped to a positive $265K in 2010 from a negative $183K in 2009.

According to its 10-K filed with the SEC, Debut derived 82% of its revenues from national advertising. The company’s Impact Radio Networks operation is repped by Dial Global.

Debut owns seven radio stations in unrated local markets – five in the Mississippi Delta area (Indianola-Greenville-Leland, MS) and two in the Vicksburg, MS area (Vicksburg, MS-Tallulah, LA). Three of the Mississippi Delta stations are LMA’d to Delta Radio LLC.

The company reduced its net loss to $29K in 2010 from $420K in 2009. At the end of 2010 Debut had 26,866,886 shares outstanding, up from 20,828,530 a year earlier.

RBR-TVBR observation: RBR-TVBR lists Debut every day in our stock report, but quite often the stock doesn’t even trade on the “pink sheets.” Just how many people are even involved in that thin trading, we wondered? According to Debut’s SEC filing, it had 98 registered holders of its common stock as of the end of 2010.