Debut Broadcasting signs AdEx Media for PI campaign


AdEx Media, an online marketing, distribution, and consumer products company, announced the launch of its Digital Instructor consumer product line via national radio on a per inquiry (PI) basis. AdEx signed with Debut Broadcasting to distribute its consumer products via its stations.

"We are excited to expand our model into traditional advertising distribution channels, beginning with our Digital Instructor consumer products", commented Scott Rewick, AdEx’s CEO.

Starting with Overnight Genius, Rising Star Leaning, and Debt Snap, some of AdEx’s most popular titles, AdEx expects to expand the product offering over a large base of radio stations over time. "Our approach has always been that if we can measure it, we want to be there. Radio for us is a natural extension of our extensive online media buying platform", said Scott Rewick.

AdEx plans to leverage its recently launched Think technology platform to provide the tracking of each consumer product sale back to the individual radio station that sourced the lead.