Debut lays out growth plans


Debut Broadcasting Corporation, one of the tiniest public companies in broadcasting, reported that Q3 revenues were 834,270 bucks, down 3.8%. The company said that was largely because of a non-recurring project for a single customer. Due to expenses from newly acquired radio stations, the company reported a net loss of 524,116, compared to net income of 22,355 a year earlier. Q3 constituted the first full quarter that Debut’s radio station operations were active. Debut now owns five stations in the Greenville-Greenwood, MS market. The company said it is in negotiations to acquire two more stations and is "on pace" to expand into eight additional markets in 2008. Debut said its radio syndication unit, Impact Radio Networks, continued to expand in Q3 and it reported a new contract with GAP Broadcasting to expand its remnant inventory network, Impact Network, during 2008.