Debut partners with Boswell and MJI Interactive


Debut Broadcasting Corporation may specialize in small market radio, but it announced deals with two new partners that it says will bring top 100 market technologies to its Debut Broadcasting network to increase revenue producing capabilities. Boswell Media, a broadcast, Internet and events marketing company, will provide an integrated advertising platform for the Web sites of Debut-owned radio stations. Additionally, MJI Interactive’s Mobile Xpress Messenger service will allow Debut to enhance listener interaction with two-way text messaging between radio stations and listeners, and improving advertiser/consumer interaction.
“Through these new agreements Debut gains access to new media enhancements, namely Internet and short message services (SMS), which allow us to integrate new media into our existing sales model. This makes us the first media sales organization in our markets to offer this level of integration to our advertising partners,” said Steven Ludwig, CEO of Debut Broadcasting.

Publicly traded Debut currently owns stations in the Greenville, MS market and has said it will be announcing further acquisitions. It also owns Impact Radio Networks.