Delilah stalker arrested


A 51-year-old Seattle man was arrested 6/6 in South Kitsap, Washington for allegedly stalking Premiere Radio Networks evening host Delilah Rene. The man has a long history of making unwanted gestures to Delilah, who lives in South Kitsap. The same man was also jailed more than five years ago for stalking her. The current owner of a The Cozy Kitchin restaurant (formerly owned by Delilah and former Premiere President Kraig Kitchin), said the suspect had been leaving gifts for her there. Her gardener also said the suspect walked up to the house last week and attempted to deliver flowers.

A neighbor, also is a sheriff’s deputy, said the suspect was in the neighborhood asking questions. The deputy, who later learned of the alleged stalking, positively identified the man from a Department of Corrections photo.

On 6/6, the agent of a private detective hired by Rene reported the suspect lurking near her home. The agent and another man detained the suspect by taking him to the ground until sheriff’s deputies arrived. The suspect was booked into Kitsap County jail on $50,000 bail.