Dell launching $80 million campaign touting full-service


Moving beyond “Dude, you got a Dell!”: Dell is spending $80 million on a new ad campaign designed to expand its branding to a full-service information technology solutions provider. The campaign, dubbed “The power to do more” is via Dell’s AOR Y&R. Beginning later this month, ads will appear on TV, print, online and out of home, including one at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Dell’s previous efforts focused on particular customer segments, such as consumers. But after spending billions in the past few years buying tech companies such as Perot Systems, Scalent and Compellent Technologies, it is now able to show off the new capabilities it can offer to large and mid-size corporate customers. The additional offerings focus on cloud computing, education, entrepreneurship, healthcare Technology, IT infrastructure and Social Media.

Four 30-second TV spots will show how Dell’s technology helps a teacher, a chief information officer, a doctor and an IT pro “do more” for their students or customers. A fifth 60-second spot brings the themes together.

Dell has been using “The power to do more” tagline since last fall, but this will be its first big push. The same ad began running in Germany earlier this year.