Dell spending big bucks on You Can Tell It


Dell plans to spend “hundreds of millions” of dollars on a new campaign to promote its computers and devices aimed at consumers. The campaign’s tagline, “You Can Tell It’s Dell,” is intended to show how Dell’s computers are distinct from those sold by Hewlett-Packard and other rivals. The campaign will include television spots, due to start 11/6, and print about a week later. This is Dell’s first major effort from Y&R, which took over the account from Enfatico.

To set its products apart, Dell is adding features including touch screens and more powerful built-in speakers for playing music. “You can still be different even if you’re using common components,” Dell CMO Paul- Henri Ferrand told Bloomberg. “We need to reinvigorate the brand.”

Dell, the world’s third-largest maker of personal computers after HP and Acer Inc., has been losing market share in the U.S., where its shipments declined 4.9% in Q3, according to market researcher IDC.