Delve into the History of New York City


Tuesday night is NYC History night on NYC life (channel 25), and NYC Media is pleased to introduce a series of City-centric documentaries from HISTORY™ to its lineup.  The first episode, History Alive: Haunted History NY, will premiere on NYC life (Channel 25) on Tuesday, May 11 at 9pm.  NYC life is the flagship station of NYC Media, the official network of the City of New York.

History Alive: Haunted History NY centers on the richness of New York’s history and the spirits of the figures who lived during noteworthy eras.  Featuring a tour throughout the many historical sections of New York, the program takes viewers to Manhattan’s Merchant House Museum, the USS Sullivans, Beardslee Castle and Conference House – all in search of those who inhabited those places in life and may continue to do so as ghosts.  Haunted History is a program that balances the historical with the supernatural and will have even diehard skeptics keeping the lights on at night.

In the coming weeks HISTORY™ on NYC life will cover a range of topics: from the secret societies deep in the New York underworld, to the evolution of some of the City’s most famous newspapers, the original Pennsylvania Station, and infamous murders including the Mafia and Son of Sam.  Modern Marvels is a featured series throughout the programming and will include separate episodes on the George Washington Bridge, the Chrysler Building and West Point.  A full season’s episodes of Sandhogs, about the hard-working men who build the tunnels under New York City, will also air.

Following the debut on NYC life on May 11, additional encores of History Alive: Haunted History NY will air on Sunday, May 15 at 3:30pm and Sunday, May 16 at 2:30am. Check for local cable and satellite listings.

Rounding out History Night are encore episodes of Blueprint: New York City at 10pm and Secrets of New York at 10:30pm.  Blueprint tours the City’s most prominent and aesthetically appealing architecture and Secrets of New York discovers the truth behind New York City’s most enduring mysteries with host Kelly Choi.