Democratic campaign pros seeking to create campaign fund


Three veterans of the election wars, noting the creation of private organizations being formed to support Republican candidates this year, are kicking off an effort to provide a Democratic answer. They say that their Commonsense Ten is a direct response to groups like American Crossroads, designed to take advantage of the new, post-Citizens United fund-raising environment.

According to Chris Cillizza’s Washington Post blog The Fix, the Democratic operatives include director Jim Jordan, Monica Dixon and Jeff Forbes, who have numerous relevant resume entries between them.

They note that the various new Republican groups are looking to throw over $100M into targeted campaigns this election cycle, and hope that with their combined connections and the newly-uncapped funding opened up by SCOTUS, that they will be able to amass enough cash to compete.

According to Cillizza, whether they can manage that feat “remains to be seen,” as they themselves admit.