Democrats dueling for dollars


By the end of Q4 2007, both Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Barack Obama (D-IL) had raised over 100M. At that point, Clinton held a sizable 37.9M to 18.6M advantage in cash on hand, but the bank account situation since has been fluid, and Obama’s aggressive spending has forced Clinton to follow suit.

In fact, Obama’s full court press seems to have forced Clinton to dip into her own private resources. She loaned her campaign 5M to maintain parity, a move an anonymous staffer told the Washington Post was a good one, given the results of Super Duper Tuesday results.

Since that day, both campaigns have been pulling in cash hand over fist, according to the Associated Press. Obama is said to have received 7.2M, with Clinton bringing in 6.4M.

RBR/TVBR observation: Optimists at the Democratic National Committee, which would prefer to have a candidate sooner rather than later, are hoping the contest between Clinton and Obama will be settled by April or May at the latest. They certainly don’t want the selection to be made at the convention itself. However, it appears that both campaigns retain ample ability to generate donations, so if your state is still on the schedule, look for some broadcast spending heading your way.