Democrats extend lead in battle for Senate


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee started Q3 with an edge over its counterpart, the National Republican Campaign Committee, and managed to extend its lead during the month of July. A big reason is the generosity of sitting Senators on the Democratic side, and a lack of corresponding generosity across the aisle. A contribution loophole available to senators is the right to make unlimited donations to this particular account from their own campaign funds. Thus Mark Pryor (D-AR) was able to kick in $100K all by himself, and hefty contributions came from other members of the caucus. Although the NRCC benefitted from a $250K contribution from John Cornyn (R-TX), only two other senators contributed, amounting to a total of $30K. The DSCC also received numerous contributions from state party organizations. The upshot is that the DSCC will go into the endgame of the election cycle with $43M to spend, compared to NRSC’s $25.4M.