Democrats moving back 2012 primary schedule


The 2008 presidential calendar was notable for a contest of leapfrogging states, all trying to get to the front of the primary/caucus line where they believed the greatest election outcome influence would be. For broadcasters, the front-loaded campaign season started to cause airtime competition between politicians and holiday advertisers.

According to the Washington Post, the Democrats are doing something about that. They have moved the schedule back about a month, keeping Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina at the top of the schedule. Iowa would caucus 2/6/12, and New Hampshire would vote 2/14/12, Nevada would caucus 2/18/12 and South Carolina would vote 2/28/12. The rest of the states would wrap up by 6/12/12.

WaPo’s Chris Cillizza points out that the problem isn’t a big one for Democrats this cycle – they will most likely be putting President Obama back on the top of the ticket. Republicans figure to have more of a contest, and are looking to create a schedule next month.