Dennis Miller interviews George W. Bush


Former President George W. Bush, as part of his book publicity tour, will guest on Westwood One’s Dennis Miller Show on Thursday, 12/9. The former President, whose memoir “Decision Points” has just been published, gave Dennis a candid interview — one of a very small number granted exclusively to radio. It was recorded 12/8 and will air in the third hour of Thursday’s show, which airs live 10am – 1pm ET.

“There’s palpable shock among some who did not think I could read, much less write,” said W. In the informal conversation, during which Miller calls Bush “an amiable bloke,” “cool cat” and “baby,” the former President says of the transition to civilian life, “I do miss being pampered, and one of the ways you’re pampered is you never have to sit in a traffic jam.”

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