Denver renter decides to buy


KCKK-AM is going from Timothy Brown’s People’s Wireless Inc. to 4-K’s LLP, headed by Gregory K. Merilatt. Part of the purchase price is tied to FCC approval for an upgrade to the station’s facilities.

That would be $50K of the $450K value ultimately placed on the station. According to the contract, that amount will be placed in escrow pending FCC approval to increase the station’s night power.

In fact, looking at the CP app, both day and night time operating levels will be increased for the 1510 kHz Class B AM. It is one of those rare AM beasts which is licensed stronger at night than during the day – significantly in this case. If the CP is approved, the daytime boost will be from 9.5 kw to 10 kw, with nighttime power going from 19 kw to 25 kw.

4-K’s will also put $20K into escrow as a standard down payment and is planning on having the remaining $380K ready to turn over to the buyer at closing.

The station has been running a Sports format, provided by Mile High Sports Radio in an LMA that is just over a year old, dating to 7/31/08. Mile High Sports is an affiliate of 4-K’s.