DESi platform unveiled for radio broadcasters


DESiCharlotte, NC-based DESiMetrics Corp. has introduced “DESi,” its signature software platform. DESi provides radio stations the ability to measure in real-time the economic impact their audiences have on their advertisers, creating significant top-line growth potential in the process.

DESi provides instant access to advertisers’ product or service offerings and promotions, programming content, music and news/information. It then seamlessly connects radio station advertisers to consumers and captures relevant metrics, from ad creation through consumer transactions. All metrics are recorded, analyzed and reported to radio stations and their advertisers as quantifiable data that calculates their ROI within targeted demographics, and as a result, becomes a powerful selling tool.

With a touch of a button, DESi enables a real-time connection to advertiser’s product and service offerings and station advertiser’s promotions delivered to their mobile device with optimized geo-location technology for advertiser location proximity and user sharing.

DESi is a cloud-based DMP that delivers multiple dashboards of real-time analytics giving broadcast management and their advertisers, immediate sales and demographic data that measures the economic impact broadcast audiences are having on products and services being advertised on their respective stations.

DESiMetrics Corporation is licensing this market-exclusive technology to single and multi-market radio groups throughout the USA in preparation for a national product roll-out this summer. See